Why hanazeder products?

User-friendly and Comprehensive

According this slogan our products are designed to be easy in the use for users, technicians and operators and sitll offer a full range of possiblities. 
With an all-encompassing software and a single electronic card equal for all devices, our system fits to most complex customer's requirements while extremely simple handling. 
From small to complex systems, we deliver customized solutions tailored to your needs.
Benefit from our 30 years experience in pneumatic tube systems!


How does pneumatic tube systems works?

Easy, secure and fast.

A wide range of customer demands require a high degree of flexibility.
Pneumatic tube system integrated into your building, features one of the safest, fastest and user-friendliest logistics solution. 
Whether in new buildings, existing buildings, companies or hospitals, for every customer we provide the ideal solution.

Presentation System 

Our Presentation System in our headquarters in Ried im Innkreis, Austria serves all prospective clients with the possibility to experience pneumatic tube systems as a whole working system. We built every thing possible in transpartent materials, so one can see how everything is working together and how the carrier is transported through our system. 


Structure of a pneumatic tube system

Schematic structure

Basic of each pneumatic tube system is a blower which provides the required over- and underpressure. 
So-called diverters are dividing the tube into several strands, which lead to the individual stations. 
From these stations carriers can be sent and received.
Appropriate software delivers the carriers on the shortest route to their destination.
All kind of our systems using the same software, thereby allowing an initially small system easy to be extended to a complex one.